After Bitter Divorce, Ex Husband Shows Up at Christmas. Makes Move That Leaves Family Floored

They say that true love always finds its way, and it definitely seems to apply to the couple in the video below. It all began when Jeffrey Agan Senior and Lorrie Spahn Agan decided to go their separate ways after a life shared together.
The two were married for no less than 25 years, but they reached a point in their relationship when nothing seemed right anymore. And as much as it hurt them both, they made the difficult decision to get a divorce. The news came as a shock to all their family members, especially to their kids who had a very hard time coming to terms with their decision.
But three years after the man moved out, the two came to the conclusion that they still had strong feelings for one another. Although they have each moved on, their hearts stayed with one another. Not a day went by without them missing each other and the life they have built together.
Jeffrey was the one who made the first step towards reconciliation and surprised Lorrie in a way she never expected. On Christmas Day, the man surprised Lorrie with a visit and a present. The man then got down on one knee and proposed to the woman he’s always loved once again.
Their son who was in the room when it all happened managed to take a video of the heartwarming moment!
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