Best Birthday Surprise Ever By A Secretary For Her Boss. This Is Priceless.

Expectations poison our soul more than anything else. They only bring frustration, dissatisfaction , unfulfillment , unhappiness and destroy our lives and relationships with others . Unfortunately this happens to us because expectations are limiting ideas that came bundled with the perception of reality and mentality and seeps into our minds without realizing it. Most people in this moment already revolt : ” But it seems natural to have certain expectations .” And I say this: how do you feel when others have expectations from you ? How do you feel under pressure from expectations of parents, spouse , society when you feel you do differently? When you feel to live as you like , by your own rules ? If you do not have the courage to admit , I tell you : you feel that ‘s unfair , it’s not normal for you to live your life according to the principles , concepts , standards or rules else than yours.



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