Baby Notices Family Praying, But As They Close Their Eyes Camera Catches His Every Move

Praying before a meal is a common practice amongst families from all over the world. Such is the case of the loving family in the video below, but no one expected for the youngest member of the family to pick up on this habit so soon. But that is exactly what happened, and now the result is going viral, gathering thousands of views and shares online.
In the clip, we can see the family members clasping hands as they sit around the dinner table and get ready to enjoy a nice meal together. As one person leads everyone else into prayer, you can see the toddler’s facial expression changing, as to match the importance of the moment.
Praying together as a family is an experience that tends to bring everyone closer together and make them feel more grateful for the wonderful gift of having loved ones by their side. So the fact that everyone participates in this practice, even children as young as the one in the video below, can’t have anything but positive effects.
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