Angry woman screams at kid and makes her cry for selling candy until a hero sticks up for them

The world is a better place thanks to people who stand up for what is right, and the hero in the video below is one of them.
It all started after a woman began picking on a child selling candy outside a Target store in Rowland Heights, California. The girl wanted to make a few bucks by selling something she thought would appeal to people. After all, few people would say No to candy, right?
Still, the woman didn’t appreciate the girl’s entrepreneurial spirit and began screaming at her and making her feel ashamed for selling candy on the street.
A man who happened to hear the yelling all the way from inside the store decided to come out and see what was going on. When he saw the woman yelling at the poor kid, he decided to set her straight and defend the little girl.
Not only that, but the man actually ended up buying all the candy from the girl sitting in the street to help her out and teach the woman a lesson. The entire moment was caught on video by someone who witnessed the entire scene unfold.
These are the kind of videos we should share more often.

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