4-Yr-Old Girl Calls Lonely Stranger ‘Old’, Mortified Mother Is Amazed by His Sweet Reply.

Have you stopped to notice how many labels we have nowadays? Some people are labelled old, others are too young, and the list could go on forever. Generally speaking, labels don’t do anybody any good. But when you stop to think about it, some labels are given a negative spin merely because our perception.

I mean, why does calling someone old is instantly seen as an insult? This is just how life is. We get old. When has the word old became synonymous with weak, and stopped being associated with wonderful qualities like being wise and more experienced?

You see, kids are often better equipped to see past labels. Thy don’t overcomplicate things. If they say someone is old, they don’t mean anything by it. To them, it’s like saying the sky is blue, they are merely observing a fact.

It’s what the adorable little girl in the video below did. He called an unknown man he saw in the grocery store old, and believe it or not, it all turned out into something positive. The man she called old actually became her friend.

You might want to grab your tissues for this one, because it’s a tear-jerker!

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