Alan Jackson’s Daughter Comes Forward, Reveals What We’ve All Been Suspecting

As one of the most popular country singers in the world, Alan Jackson is used to being constantly away from his family while on tour or when performing at different locations throughout the US. Because he lives his life in the spotlight and is not always able to take his wife everywhere he goes, there have been certain rumors that suggest Alan Jackson might have cheated on his wife.
But those were only rumors the media made up to have something to write about. Alan Jackson has always been a family man. There’s nothing he loves and values more than his beautiful daughters and wife.
Alan has been the perfect father and husband, and this Facebook message posted by one of his daughters is just one more proof of his devotement as the head of the family.
“Here’s what the young woman wrote in the recent tear-jerking post: “The world sees you as follows: a great musician, an impressive songwriter and a talented vocalist. I see you as: my best friend, the guy that taught me that how you treat people matters more than anything else and taught me just how to stand on my own two feet.
You’re every daughter’s dream father. Thank you for raising us in a house filled with Jesus and music, and always making sure we knew whatever our dream was could be our reality.”
There’s not a single day that goes by that we don’t hear about a celebrity family breaking up or having some type of drama. But the Jackson family proves that you can be famous and have lots of fans and still stay grounded and humble.
Alan has been married to the same woman for almost four decades now and their love has only grow stronger over the years.
This song is dedicated to her and proves once again just what a loving family man Alan really is! One more reason to appreciate him, right?

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