Adorable Puppy Has Complete Meltdown After Trying Cold Water For 1st Time.


Trying new things for the first time can be super exciting; like trying a new flavor of ice cream, for example. But it can also be quite difficult at times as well. For instance, I remember trying to be a responsible adult for the first time. That was harsh – and ended with a total meltdown.
The adorable puppy in the video below is having a little meltdown of his own, but it has nothing to do with paying your bills on time and deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life. In his case, his issue is with cold water.
The 10-month old puppy has experienced how cold water feels for the first time. And let’s just say he didn’t like it – at all. In fact, if it would be up to him, I’m pretty sure he would rather not be anywhere near cold water ever again.
However, much like dealing with adulthood, cold water is most likely to make its way into his life sooner or later, but we hope this little fella will at least have time to prepare. Because judging by his adorable reaction, he finds cold water to be downright terrifying.
Take a look: