Adorable moment kitten realizes he’s getting a baby brother

Even though people might think that cats are pretty selfish, that is far from true. In fact I consider to be right the opposite, and this adorable cat definitely proves it.

Mingy is a lovely cat and he enjoyed, so far, from all the love and affection her mom Mel Kappuccino could ever offer. However, things might change a little since Mel is expecting a baby. The mother-to-be didn’t tell Mingy, yet, that he’s about to have a little human brother, but the cat found it out by himself and he had the sweetest reaction.


The curios cat figured out something’s going on, so he decided to investigate. Considering it is the right time to meet his baby brother, Mel let him do so. She even captured the adorable moment on camera.

“He definitely started acting different,” the woman shared with THE DODO. “That’s when he got up to investigate. I started recording.”


In an extremely adorable scene, the cat puts his tiny paw on Mel’s bump and apparently, in the next second he finds all the answers. Mingy realizes he’s about to get a human brother and he can’t be happier. He also got extremely protective with his mom and brother. He definitely can’t wait to met the little one.

Mel is so excited to see her beloved cat and her baby boy are already bonding. “I love Mingy so much and it’s really important to me that my baby grows up with him by his side,” Mel said. “I feel like they’re going to be best friends forever, and I am looking forward to that.”

Watch Mingy’s lovely reaction when realizes he’s getting a brother:


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