Abandoned Sick Dog Uses Leaves Under a Tree as a Bed

During their regular routine of feeding stray dogs in Greece, Valia and her compassionate colleagues from DAR Animal Rescue stumbled upon a dog nestled beneath a tree. As Valia approached to provide nourishment, she peered into his eyes and instantly recognized the telltale signs of illness, prompting her to realize that he was in dire need of assistance.

Without hesitation, Valia swiftly reached out to him, lifting him tenderly and carrying him to the waiting car. It became apparent that this spaniel, most likely a hunting dog, had been discarded when his health began to decline, rendering him no longer useful in the eyes of his former caretakers. Throughout the drive to the veterinarian, the dog emitted plaintive howls from his crate. However, he exhibited remarkable patience, gentleness, and tranquility as the vet meticulously examined him. Although he had endured abandonment and been left to suffer, he now finds himself in the compassionate embrace of caring hands, where he will be nurtured back to health.

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