Abandoned Baby Elephant Is Overcome By Channel Current, But A Rival Elephant Refuses To Give Up


Elephants are such amazing creatures, but unfortunately we are failing them. Not enough is being done to protect these wonderful animals, and according to recent statistics, as many as 100 African elephants are killed every single day by poachers who hunt them down for ivory and meat.
The tragedy of an animal being killed is immense, and has effects on that elephant’s entire family. Thousands of baby elephants become orphans because their parents are killed in human’s pursuit for wealth and money.
What’s even sadder is that many of these baby elephants are not able to survive neither, because they no longer have the support and care of their families. There are some exceptions of elephants who do manage to overcome all the odds and survive.
The baby elephant in the video below was lucky enough to be rescued by a female elephant that helped him get unstuck from the irrigation channel where he had got himself into. The entire moment was captured on video and it’s definitely something you need to see to believe.
So take a look and please share this wonderful display of kindness with all of your friends and family online.