A Wisconsin bus driver was driving when she noticed a little girl looking distraught. That’s when her motherly instincts kicked in

A Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver is being hailed a hero after she helped a 5-year-old get to safety, and now a video that shows the entire interaction between the two is going viral.
The bus driver had just started her shift in the morning when she spotted a little girl wandering alone towards a busy West Allis intersection. The little girl looked distracted and scared, and bus driver Tiffani Lee immediately knew something wasn’t right.
Her motherly instincts immediately kicked in and she decided to stop the bus to ask the little girl where was she going and where were her mom and dad. Happy that someone stopped to help her, the 5-year-old told the bus driver that she was lost and had no way of reaching a family member.
“I’m a parent, so I knew no parent would let their children be outside in that kind of weather with a flip flop and a tennis shoe, no way,” said the bus driver in a following interview.
Tiffani invited the little girl inside the bus to warm up while she called the authorities who immediately arrived at the scene. A police office spoke to her and managed to figure out where she lived. So he gently took her by the hand and walked her back home.
The girl was then taken back to her family who said they are forever grateful to both the officer and the bus driver who helped the little girl return home to them safely.
Check out the full story in the video below:

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