I Normally Don’t Care for TV Commercials, But This Is Easily the Best One I’ve Ever Seen

I know most of you reading this see commercials as being an annoying disruption from your favorite TV show, but is it just me or commercials these days are getting better and better? Maybe it’s due to the rise of the Internet who gives people more options, or maybe consumers today are more informed and therefore more demanding.
No matter what the reasons may be, the only thing that really matters is that brands seem to be stepping up their game when it comes to the commercials they release. And the commercial you are just about to watch is the perfect example.
The story behind this commercial by Shangri-La Hotels is just incredible. The clip starts with a man facing difficult winter conditions in the wilderness somewhere. He looks in serious danger because he is not able to get any warmth.
It seems like all hope is lost, but then something truly surprising happens that changes the narrative of the story altogether. It’s something that carries a deep and powerful message that is meant to create an emotional response and get people thinking.
I’ll let you discover what it is. Go ahead and watch the video:

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