9-Year-Old Figure Skater Prepares for Routine, Stuns Audience with Her Hip Hop Moves On the Ice

Although professional ice skaters you may see in competitions and on TV make it seem easy, figure skating is anything but that. It’s both an art form and a sport that requires grace and patience, as well as strength and discipline.
These are not qualities that are easy to find in a single person, more so if we’re talking about a nine-year-old. Even so, the incredibly talented in the video below seems to fit the description. She has both the mental and the physical qualities needed to become one of the best ice skaters and she’s not afraid to share her talent with the world.
If anything, she feels comfortable being on stage and having dozens of people watch her every move. That’s because she is enthusiastic about ice skating and truly loves what she does. In the clip below, you can watch her show her best moves by performing to a vibrant and full of energy song that really allowed her to showcase not only her talent but her amazingly bubbly personality as well.
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