85-Year-Old Urges Family to Set Her Down Outside, Capture Footage Impossible to Forget

We all live in a fast-paced world nowadays with constant deadlines an endless to-do lists so it’s easy to forget that it’s the little things that make life worth living. Looking at the beauty of a sunset, listening to the wind blowing through trees or feeling a warm breeze on our faces; these are the things that stay with us as days go by and that will always put a smile on our faces.
This is a lesson the 85-year-old in the video below has learned, so for her 85th birthday, she had only one request. Because there was a thick layer of beautiful snow outside, the elderly woman asked her family to help her build a snow angel, something that would take her back to her younger years when she would carelessly play in the snow.
Of course, her family was happy to grant her wish, and now the result is going viral. The woman’s reaction to frolicking in the crisp snow as if she had no care in the entirely world is one of the simplest yet most profound things I’ve seen in a while.
Sure, we all want to be the biggest or the greatest or the most important. We all want expensive things and big gains, but while having ambition is good, it’s essential that we don’t forget to enjoy the little things as well.
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