8-year-old’s friend is denied a hot lunch due to lack of money, so he buys lunch for 295 kids

A 8-year-old’s and his family’s incredible act of kindness is going viral, and it is all for the right reasons.
It all started when this third grader from Michigan named Cayden Taipalus witnessed a pretty heart-wrenching scene involving one of his colleagues from school. Both boys were in the school’s cafeteria wanting to get lunch for the day.
But while Cayden got his hot meal, not the same happened in the case of his classmate. The boy was denied a hot meal, and was given a cold cheese sandwich instead. The reason? The boy’s account didn’t had enough money in it.
It was a scene Cayden couldn’t get out of his mind all day. He just couldn’t understand why he was able to get the lunch he wanted and his colleague didn’t.
That day, Cayden went home with tears in his eyes and told his mom all about what he had witnessed at school. Seeing how much of an impact the entire scene had on his son, the woman decided to take matters in her own hands and do something so that no kid at Cayden’s school would ever have to go through something like that ever again.
Find out what she did by watching the video below! It’s pretty incredible.


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