7 clever things you didn’t know dryer sheets could do at home and at the campsite

Dryer sheets are very useful when doing laundry, there is no doubt about that. They soften your clothes, remove static, and give your clothes a nice clean scent.
But if this is the only way you are using them, then you’re missing out. As it turns out, there are many different ways to put those inexpensive dryer sheets you can find at pretty much any store to good use to save money and get out of a bind.
All you need is a little bit of creativity. For instance, if you want to freshen up the air inside your car and give it a fresh scent, then you can use dryer sheets to make your own car air-freshener. All you need to do is grab a small plastic container and cut several slits in the lid using a knife.
Then, stick a straw in between the slots. This allows air to move through. All there’s left is add up to 5 or 10 dryer sheets into the plastic container. Put the box somewhere under your car seat and enjoy the fresh scent for up to a couple of weeks.
Another cool way to use dryer sheets is to keep clothes smelling like they’ve come straight from the dryer when packing them in a suitcase to travel. Place one dryer sheet at the bottom of your suitcase and avoid your belongings smelling like a wet dog when you arrive at your destination.
For more awesome tricks that you can use straight away, check out the video below.

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