WW2 Veteran Saved 669 Children during the Holocaust, and Has No Idea They’re Sitting Next to Him

Well, go ahead and make sure you have a box of tissues before you sit down, read this and watch the video below, because tears will most likely start pouring down your cheeks once you are done. And it’s totally understandable if this happens to you.

The main star of the video below is Sir Nicholas George Winton. The man has had an incredible life that could beat any Hollywood script, any day of the week. You see, the man was a WWII Lieutenant for the Royal Air Force and a humanitarian. One of his greatest achievements was being able to save no less than 669 children, mostly Jewish, during a rescue operation that took place in Czechoslovakia.

In the history books, this incredible rescue operation is known as Kindertransport which is German for “children transportation.”

The man helped all those children achieve safe passage to Britain, and thus salved their lives. The unbelievable part is that the rescue operation remained secret until 1988. That’s almost 40 years after it all happened.

Although he surely didn’t do it hoping he will be rewarded for it, this incredible hero finally got the recognition he deserves, and the emotional moment was caught on video.

You need to see this!

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