5 Doctors Stand Behind a Sheet, Then They Drop It and People Can’t Stop Laughing

Laryngospasm – that’s definitely a weird name for a vocal group, right? Well, not if that vocal group is composed exclusively out of medical professionals. In medical terms, a laryngospasm is actually a short spasm of the vocal cords causing people to experience a scary sensation of not being able to breathe or speak.
The high-spirited singers you will see in the video below decided to use this medical term as a name for their musical parody group, and people online seem to be loving it!
The men wanted to put their own unique spin on a famous Neil Sedaka’s song, and the result is a hilarious parody that is sure to put a huge smile on your face. The men changed most of the lyrics to the song to match them to what goes in the operating room as the patients slowly wake up from anesthesia.
And while there’s nothing funny about being on the operating table and undergoing surgery, this team of doctors manage to give it a whimsical spin.
I get why some people would think the lyrics are a bit inappropriate, but if you ask me, many people would actually be far more comfortable going into surgery if one of these guys was their anesthesiologist.
Humor can definitely take some of the anxiety away when you are in a stressful situation, and anyone who has chosen a career in medicine will likely tell you that having a good sense of humor is mandatory in this line of work.
What do you think of this performance? Is it funny or not?

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