47 years ago: ” The Beatles ” have played together for the last time . This video is memorable

“The Beatles” was a band loved by generations of young contemporary band members but also by many other music lovers impressed by the harmony and sensitivity songs they have composed their entire music career.
Over time, the band toured, recorded and released numerous albums and also scored several world records. “The Beatles’ musical group is considered the most records sold, their number reaching over 1 billion. It also obtained several platinum (only 13 in the US), and their songs have taken place in many music charts at the time, became unforgettable hits that now sit on the lips of many.

The band have wanted to bring a touch of novelty and originality of style of music then. Both text message and rhythm songs composed and performed by the band were simple and attractive to young people who wanted to live free and hipsters. Many of the songs that have made the remark during their artistic career were inspired by the band members’ lives, and we listen to the song in this video is a good example.

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