4-year-old wears dress to 1st day of school, stuns everyone when she reveals it’s 67 years old

The first day of school is an important event in the life of any child. All kids want to look their best and make a great first impression.
But for the adorable 4-year-old in the video below, picking out an outfit for her to wear on the first day of kindergarten didn’t involve several trips to the mall, like it happens in the case of most kids her age.
That’s because she wore a dress that has special meaning to her and her family; a yellow dress that is almost seven decades old. The dress had been in her family since the 1950’s, and has been worn on the first day of school for generations.
Although her parents allowed her the choice and offered to buy her new clothes, the little girl didn’t want to break this beautiful tradition. And she looked absolutely precious!
The dress is handmade and was first worn by the girl’s great-grandmother in the 50s, but surprisingly, the dress is still in pretty good shape.
Although the colors have somewhat faded, the dress itself is still going strong, and the girl’s mom hopes that her future granddaughter will be able to wear it as well.

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