4 Men Face Each Other – Perform Classic Hymn With A Twist Like You’ve Never Heard Before

Get ready, because you are in for a special musical treat that you won’t be able to forget anytime soon.
The four men in the video below will surely impress you with their incredible rendition of Leonard Cohen’s most famous song, “Hallelujah.” In an intimate setting that complements that song beautiful, the four men from Norway sat down to sing this classic hymn that most of us know by heart.
And the result is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. It’s true that there have been many renditions of this song before, but this one really manages to stand out from the bunch.
That’s because individually, they are all amazing singers with incredible voices. But the magic happens when they join forces and sing together. Their voices blend in beautiful and they all sound like a single voice that has many nuances that one can discover by listening carefully to each note of the song.
If you need something to relax you right away and help you get through your busy day with a positive attitude, then this is definitely the right video for you.
This is something you’ll want to listen to on repeat.
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