30-Yrs-After Baby Jessica’s Miracle Rescue, She Opens Up About Life After The Well.

Jessica McClure, the woman known as “Baby Jessica” is speaking out 30 years after her dramatic rescue that had everyone transfixed on their TV sets in 1987. Jessica was only 18-months-old when she fell down a well in Midland, Texas.
The baby fell through an 8-inch opening in the ground in her backyard and plunged into a well. That would be the start of the excruciating 58 hours Jessica spent trapped inside the well.
The whole rescue operation was broadcasted live on all major television networks, and millions of people from across the United States tuned in to watch. Hundreds of rescuers worked day and night to retrieve baby Jessica, and fortunately, they managed to get her out in time.
After more than two days of being trapped inside the well, baby Jessica was finally safe! Now, more than three decades after it all happened, Jessica is giving an update on her life. “I had God on my side that day,” she told the “People” magazine in a recent interview. “My life is a miracle.”
She is now the proud mom of two beautiful kids! Watch the video below to find out more details about her life now.

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