Mom watched him trying to steal cupcakes, but this 3-year-old’s excuse is adorable

You know that moment you open up a new bag of chips and are trying to convince yourself that you are only going to have a few, close the bag back and put it away in the pantry? Or when you go shopping and try to make up arguments to explain for you buying all kinds of stuff you can’t actually afford?

These kind of situations are the perfect example of people not making any sense. If you were to listen yourself in those moments, you will realize your arguments aren’t making any logical sense. But in those moments, you would do whatever it takes to get away with doing a certain thing and acting a certain way.

It’s exactly what the little boy was trying to do when his mom caught him trying to steal cupcakes, after she deliberately told him he couldn’t have any. Caught in the act, the boy tried to come up with all kinds of arguments to convince his mom that he totally deserves to have a cupcake.

Well, he might not make a lot of sense, but there’s no denying that he is as adorable as can be.

Check it out:

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