3-Year-Old Girl Mistakes Stranger for Santa – His Response Proves Christmas Magic Is Real

Christmas is a holiday we all enjoy, but the ones who are able to truly see and experience the magic of it are the children. There’s nothing better than watching the excitement with which a child is waiting for Santa Claus or the joy they experience when they spot someone who fits the description of Santa.
Children’s sense of wonder and innocence as they get to meet the famous man in the red and tell him all about their wishes for Christmas is nothing short of magical. Kids simply lit up when they get to meet Santa and the looks on their faces are downright precious. Simply put, if you’re a kid around Christmas time, seeing Santa is pretty much the coolest thing that can happen to you.
So when the little girl in the video below spotted someone at the mall who looked almost identical to every image of Santa Claus’ she saw, she immediately approached him. The man’s kind reaction is a great reminder of the true magic of the holidays.
Instead of telling her the truth, the man played along and took time out of his day to listen to the little girl. Wearing a long white beard and a bright red sweatshirt, the man looked more like a casual version of Santa Claus than the full-costumed one, but the truth is that the resemblance is uncanny.
The two spent a few minutes together chatting about important things, during which time the girl’s mom managed to snap a few pictures that shows the special moment they shared. To find out more, watch the video below.

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