3 Minutes into ‘All by Myself’, Singer Hits Note That Leaves Piano Player Speechless

“All by Myself” was composed more than four decades ago by American artist Eric Carmen, but it’s still a hit today. And it’s really no surprise why, considering it is one of the most beautiful ballads ever created. It’s not easy to find a singer who can do the song justice.
That singer not only has to have a strong voice but also range in his or her voice that allows him or her to hit all the right notes in this dynamic song.
That being said, it’s safe to say the incredible artist in the video below has managed to do just that. Charice Pempengco has shown that she’s got everything it takes to be a successful artist, despite her young age.
The young woman started her career back in 2007 after Ellen DeGeneres saw Charice online and invited her on to her show. One thing led to another and Charice got the chance to meet David Foster who you can see accompanying her on the piano in the video below as well.
David was so impressed by her talent that he offered to be her mentor and guide her steps throughout her career. The two have known each other for quite some time, but as you can see from the clip, Charice’s talent never ceases to amaze David!
There’s no way you can listen to this and not get goosebumps! As always, make sure to take a few seconds to share this outstanding performance with all of your friends and family online!


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