3 Facts about Puppies for Adoptions You Won’t Believe Are True

According to recent statistics, there are about two million puppies for adoptions who are waiting for a forever home and a loving family in animal shelters located throughout the country. One of the reasons many people still prefer to buy a pet rather than adopt one is that there are still a lot of misconceptions surrounding shelter dogs.
To balance things out, we wanted to share with you three important facts about shelter animals that everyone should know.
Fact #1: You can find purebred puppies at rescue centers.
One of the main reasons people buy a pet rather than adopt is their legitimate desire to have a purebred dog. It’s important you know that it is possible to find perfectly healthy purebred dogs at a rescue center. So make sure to do some research before giving up the idea of adopting a pet just because you want a purebred pup.
Fact#2: The average age of puppies for adoptions is 18 months.
Although there are many adult canines in shelters who would all make excellent pets, if it’s a puppy you want, you should know you can get it from an animal shelter. Most rescue organizations keep puppies as well as grow-up dogs, so make sure to ask.
Fact# 3: Many of the dogs you find at shelter have already been trained.
If you decide to adopt a pup, you can most likely skip the sometimes frustrating phase of having to train your dog the basic stuff, like going to the bathroom outside, and not on your white carpet. But don’t worry, there will always be new tricks you can teach your pet if you decide to adopt!
Share these facts so that more puppies for adoptions will find a home!

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