25 Actual Instructions Found On Product Labels

The word “stupid” symbolizes the general concept, though not necessarily conscious, the periphery (of thought or society, it depends on context). In either of the two situations the word “stupid” it is printed sense of marginalization, exclusion of the individual, so it is so often used as a discharge and at the same time as an explanation of the economic circumstances by the person who pronounce this word with respect to a third person. The word “stupid” is the only specific human individual, the only rational being, defined here as the capacity of the brain to abstract, to save and to work alone with abstract concepts. An animal may be a fool, because he has no reason, that he does not use abstract concepts has no abstract representation of the environment and the more it is not able to create abstract a priori. So bad can not only be the bearer of reason, even a carrier deficient reason.



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