24 brilliant kitchen hacks that most people haven’t heard of. Cooking just got easier

If you don’t like to spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen, you are not alone, my friend. But we all have to eat, and unless you can afford to hire a private chef, that means you have to cook and actually use your kitchen.
If that sounds only slightly more fun than a root canal, you’re in need of some hacks.
And guess what? The clip below contains not one but 24 genius kitchen hacks that will help you save time, get organized and stay sane. It’s not a promise, but these might actually get you to enjoy spending time in the kitchen.
Did you know that adding a glass full of water when heating leftover pizza in the microwave will prevent it from getting all dry and hard? That’s right; the moisture from the water prevents the dough from getting hard, which means you’ll get to enjoy delicious leftover pizza without having to put any effort into it.
Another cool trick you’ll discover among those in the video below has to do with saving space in your fridge. If you never seem to be able to find anything in your fridge, chances are you need to get a bit more organized.
Use the bottom side of an egg carton to store your sauce bottles! It’s an inexpensive solution that will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.
This was just a small sample of the cool hacks you can find in the video below. There are at least 20 more waiting to be discovered, so make sure to watch until the end.

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