2-year-old’s not happy with 1st day of pre-school, goes on rant that has Internet in stitches

Mila is a 2-year-old little girl who has a lot to say and is not afraid to speak up when something is on her mind. This strong-opinionated little girl has won the internet over with her witty and sarcastic remarks that seem a bit peculiar coming from someone who is as young as she is.
In this particular video, adorable Mila goes on a rant about everything wrong with the first day of school and her ideas will definitely make you laugh out loud. The girl has some strong words to say about her first day at preschool.
For once, she didn’t enjoy her overall classroom experience, and she is not afraid to express her discontent.
Dressed in what appears to be a Disney princess dress, Mila talks about how she had to calm down all of her colleagues all by herself because they were too agitated and excited for her liking.
Mila’s mom was the one who shared this adorable clip on video after it had been filmed by the girl’s older sister. This is not Mila’s first video to go viral, so her family knows it’s best to always have a camera nearby when she starts talking.

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