2-year-old is afraid of the dark, so Dad creates his own prescription “Monster Spray”

Were you afraid of the dark when you were a kid? Did you think that monsters will start crawling out from the closet and underneath the bed once your parents turned off the lights? And you were left all alone in your room? Sure you did. Every kid is afraid of the dark sometimes during their childhood.
The difference is that parents today have a lot more options when it comes to helping their kids overcome this fear of scary creatures haunting their rooms in the dark. Options that don’t involve allowing their kid to sleep in bed with them.


But maybe one of the most creative solutions was invented by a dad who was struggling with the same problem of trying to convince their kids there’s no boogie man who comes out after sunset.
Instead of trying to ask his daughter to use reason and convince her there’s nothing to be afraid of, this dad provided a more actionable solution: “The Monster Spray,” a magical spray that can get rid of up to 120 monsters in one go, and get be refilled as many times as needed.

Dad’s invention is going viral. Check it out!

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