18 Sailors Stand Absolutely Still. Then, The Man in The Center Screams and They Move as One

There are many important qualities one must possess in order to deserve a spot among sailors.  Honestly, perseverance, endurance, commitment, balance, a strong mind and a strong body – these are all necessary for being a sailor.  But maybe one of the most important qualities you need to be able to do your job right as a sailor is being a team player.

Sailors need to work as one in order to be able to do their job right. Sailors often spend a lot of time away at sea, and the only people in the world they know they can rely on then and there are their teammates.

Well, it’s safe to say the sailors in the video below have no problems in this area. These talented men form the U.S Navy presidential ceremonial honor guard silent drill team. The video below shows them perform at an international competition in Norway.

They competed against military units from all over the world and NATO, but managed to win the big title of the competition. You won’t be surprised they’ve won once you take a look at what they can do on stage.

These men are incredible and we can never thank them enough for what they do!


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