15-Yr-Old Singer Chooses “Impossible Song,” But Her Unbelievable Voice Win’s Simon’s Golden Buzzer

Many people sign up every year hoping to impress the judges at Britain’s Got Talent and earn a place in the competition that has the potential to change their lives forever. When Sarah Ikumu steeped on stage at Britain’s Got Talent, she was visibly nervous.
But she also had big dreams and a strong desire to show everybody there that she has the abilities needed to become the next big winner. Sarah knew that she only had one chance to leave a lasting impression on the judges and secure a place in the competition.
So she decided to take a risk and sing a song that most people would say it’s impossible to get right. That song is “You’re Gonna Love Me” by Jennifer Hudson. The song that is also included in the famous Broadway musical Dreamgirls is one of the most difficult songs ever.
It’s a challenging song even for experienced performers, but Sarah was confident that she can do the song justice.
However, that didn’t stop judge Simon Cowell from expressing his skepticism. The toughest member of the jury had his doubts when it comes to the teen’s ability to hit the right notes and convey the essence of the song, but Sarah definitely proved him wrong.
Her incredible performance left Simon, as well as the other members of the jury and the entire audience in awe! In fact, Simon was so impressed by her talent that he decided to give her the Golden Buzzer and send her to the live shows.
Oh, and did I mention Sarah is only 15 years old? You need to see this!

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