15 tips for gardening: the envy of neighbors.

Do you have a holiday home, or simply stay at home, and you are out of ideas of how you might move things in your garden? Perfect-ask.com you to the rescue and offers a number of ideas that will transform your garden radical physical and minimum material. Do not hesitate to apply, and your garden will hum about bugs, birds will sing and speak neighbors!

1. Rainwater can be collected in a vessel and then used for irrigation.

2. You can get rid of weeds preparing their dissemination toxic solution: 4 liters of vinegar, 250 grams of salt, 1 tablespoon of dishwashing solution. Spray the solution over the weeds when it is hot outside.


3. eggshells can be used for growing seedlings or fertilizer (shells have shredded and scattered through the garden).

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4. In order to retain moisture in the pot flowers can be used a diaper.


5. Keep away soap smell of many animals, including squirrels. And the bubble destroy aphids.


6. The sachets of tea bring a plus of nutrients fertilizers.


7. citrus peels will help to get rid of mosquitoes and aphids.

8. spent coffee grounds sprinkled on plants will keep away rabbits and squirrels. In addition, coffee grounds, brings nutrients seedlings.


9. Plastic Forks will protect plants from animals.


10. A small solar seedlings.


11.Irrigation plant by means of a perforated plastic bottles.


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