15 Surprising uses for Vodka

Vodka is definitely a bar staple. Russians somethings drink it straight up, but it’s most popular served in all kinds of delicious cocktails. Drinking Vodka (in moderation, of course) comes with its benefits, like make you a great dancer and help you build up the courage to finally ask your crush out for a date.
But rumor has it, you don’t just drink vodka. As it turns out, there are many cool ways to use this popular drink that have nothing to do with you drinking it. Vodka is actually a natural cleaning and disinfection solution, so you can use it to clean your windows and fixtures without having to resort to harsh chemicals.
Also, its antibacterial properties make it a great option if you happen to get a minor cut, scrapes or other injuries. Just apply a small amount of vodka on your wound to clean it of debris, dirt and bacteria.
Another surprising way to use Vodka that doesn’t involve you drinking it is as a hair product. You can get shiny hair if you apply vodka on your hair. Just make sure you freeze it first so you don’t walk around smelling like you’ve had vodka tonic for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Who knew there are so many different ways to use vodka that don’t involve you getting wasted and then falling asleep with your clothes on, right?
Watch the video below and learn all about 15 awesome alternative uses for vodka. You’ll have something to say if your mom drops by unannounced and she asks you about that bottle of vodka you keep in the fridge.

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