15 Cadets Line Up On Stage, 30 Seconds into The Song the Crowd Goes Absolutely Wild

“It’s not really about us, not even about our music. It’s about the lives that we can impact on this great stage that we’ve been given.” That’s how one of the 15 men from the US Air-force Acapella Group called “In The Stairwell” started his speech in which he talked about their decision to be a part of the show America’s Got Talent.
On stage, dressed in their uniform, the group performed a powerful rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Castle on the Hill” and left everyone in complete awe. The way their voices combine is downright spectacular and the energy their bring to the stage is amazing as well.
It’s obvious that these young men sing from their hearts and that it’s something they truly enjoy doing. So it’s nice to see that they’ve received such a positive reaction not only from the judges but also everyone in the audience and from people watching at home.
The amazing singers dedicated their performance to all those who serve their countries both at home and overseas. The message they promote is just as powerful as their performance, so make sure to share it with others who might appreciate it as well.

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