11-Year-Old Sings Elvis Song, Gives Perfect Imitation of His Voice That’s Gone Viral

I’m pretty sure that a big percentage of you reading this are also big Elvis Presley fans. That’s because although there have been decades since Elvis sadly passed away, his music will live forever.
The legacy he’s left behind will never be forgotten, and it’s in part thanks to talented young singers like the girl in the video below who bring his music in the now. Angelina Jordan is only 11 years old but she has already achieved incredible things as a singer.
After winning a very popular talent show back in her home country, Norway, Angelina gained international fame. The title she earned opened up a lot of new and exciting doors for her, one of which led her to perform at Fredricksten Castle in Halden, Norway. For the occasion, Jordan decided to perform “It’s Now or Never,” one of Elvis’s classic love songs.
And it was definitely an inspired choice. The song fits her like a glove, and the entire audience was left in awe by her heartfelt performance. If you have any friends who are Elvis Presley fans, and I’m sure you do, take a second to share this with them as well.

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