10 Graceful Women Line Up, But Keep Your Eye On the One in The Very Back

If you’ve watched a synchronized swimming routine, then you know it involves a lot of grace and beauty.
The swimmers’ moves are fluid and express a lot of femininity, which is one of the probable reasons that synchronized swimming performances are usually set to mellow, classical music.
Well, the graceful women in the video and their choreographer wanted to try something new and set their routine to an unexpected song. Their choice of music was as surprising as it was memorable and really took the whole routine to a whole new level.
The talented young women performed to Led Zeppelin’s classic “Stairway to Heaven,” and managed to impress the entire panel of judges, as well as everyone else watching from the stands. In fact, their outside-the-box routine got them a gold medal, an award that was well deserved!
At first, it might seem that a synchronized swimming routine has nothing to do with rock music, but as you can see from this clip, it’s actually a match made in heaven. Led Zeppelin fans would definitely enjoy to see this, so if you know some among your friends, make sure to share this with them as well.

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