1 Year After Winning AGT, Grace VanderWaal Stuns Fans With New Breathtaking Performance

Do you remember Grace VanderWaal? It was about a year ago that this talented young lady won the grand prize of $1 Million and became the winner of America’s Got Talent at only 12 years old. Since her great win, Grace has been keeping busy doing what she does best: sing.
Despite her fragile age, Grace is one of the quickest raising stars in the music industry today – and it’s really no surprise way. Grace not only has an incredible innate talent but also a vocal technique that surpasses that of many professional singers who have a lot more experience and training than she does.
But maybe that one thing that makes her truly stand out is the emotion she manages to convey during her every performance. That, and the fact that she pretty much sound like a mini Adele.
Recently, Gracie made an appearance at Ellen where she performed her hit single called “Moonlight.” In case you somehow forgot how talented Grace really is, this is an excellent reminder.
If she keeps this up, her winning America’s Got Talent will become nothing but a footnote in her amazing career. We can’t wait to hear more of her music soon.

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