Army veteran arrives at prison to serve his sentence, then he sees judge in his cell

Some judges like to go above and beyond to make sure that the persons standing in their courtroom awaiting sentence not only understand the consequences of their actions but also get the help they need to move forward. The judge in the video below named Lou Oliviera is definitely one of them.
Judge Oliviera was recently put in charge of the case of an Army veteran named Joe Serna. Joe was sentenced to spend the night in jail, but after hearing his entire story, the judge decided to do something that someone in his position never does: spend the night in jail with a convict.
Joe has an impressive life story. A Special Forces Army veteran, Joe served in Afghanistan three times. The man managed to survive an IED (a strong explosive device) incident, an attack by a suicide bomber, and an army truck accident.
However, because of the horrific things he’s seen and experienced there, Joe now suffers from post-traumatic stress. As it happens in the case of many war veterans diagnosed with this condition, Joe resorted to alcohol to cope with his severe depression and dark thoughts.
His addiction to alcohol is what led to him having to defend himself in court. After being charged with driving under the influence, Joe was given probation but broke the rules of his probation and ended up back in court.
Judge Oliviera had to serve justice and sentenced him to a night in jail, but he couldn’t bear the thought that a decorated veteran like Joe who suffers from post-traumatic stress has to spend the night alone in jail.
“I knew he had to be held accountable, but I just knew…I had to go with him,” the judge said. Find out the full story by watching the video below.