Ten years ago, Katie Piper was a beautiful young woman, a model, with a lot of dreams and a promising career in front of her. But then something happened that entirely changed her life forever. In a rage of jealousy, her former boyfriend did something that no words can come to describe.
After having previously sexually abused her, Piper broke up with him. To take revenge, the man hired someone to threw acid on her face because he wanted no one to find her attractive anymore. Then is when Piper’s life turned into a nightmare.
The young woman was forced to spend more than two months in the hospital. But despite having more than 40 invasive procedures done to her face and wearing a plastic mask for 23 hours every day, she knew that her face would never look the same as it used to.
But Piper wasn’t about to give up her plans for the future. Proving she is stronger than anybody could have anticipated, Piper pulled herself together and started building a new future for herself. Now, she is a fulfilled woman who has everything she’s ever wanted.
Her story is incredibly inspiring. Take a look!

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